10 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Start a Blog

1. It’s Yours!

You have found a niche or have created your own business, you’ve come up with a unique name and have your website and hosting up and running. The rest is all down to you. There is no bowing down to the Instagram algorithm, no panicking when a social media site goes down or even worse, disables or deletes your account.

2. It Is More Consistent

Although Instagram became my main earner after a year or two, it has been extremely hard going in the last 12 months. The Home Décor niche was quite small and unique to begin with and it was easy to secure brand deals and collaborations. It is now completely saturated and brand deals and sponsorships are becoming increasingly scarce.

My @melaniejadedesign Instagram account definitely has a niche

3. It Helps With Creativity And Provides Your Audience With More Value

Ever felt like you have so much more to say than what you put in your caption on Instagram. That is what your blog is for. You can expand on your DIY project or go into more detail about why you chose a certain colour of paint or how you renovated your kitchen.

4. It Helps You Improve Your Writing Skills

I wasn’t very good to begin with when I started out with my blog. It would consist of several paragraphs and a few accompanying photos and my page views were rightly woeful. The thing is, I love writing my blog so I persevered. I researched heavily into how I could build up my page views and how I could make my blog better and after 4 years, I am hitting over 70,000 page views a month.

5. Which Leads Me Onto… Opportunities!

Writing a blog post once a week has definitely seen my knowledge in all things interiors (and social media) increase exponentially. I talk a lot about colour and trends in my blog which in turn has seen my email inbox filling up with people asking for a contribution towards their magazine, or a Q&A on their website.

6. Generate A Good Income

Probably the most important reason why people work hard on a blog, it can lead to generating a good income. In the past, I made the majority of my income from being a content creator on Instagram but this is slowly changing. In the last 2 years, I have started to take monetising my blog seriously and this has resulted in me making a regular income, which is increasing every month.

7. Evergreen Content

One of the most important reasons why you should have a blog is that it is evergreen content. They say the average Instagram post has about 48 hours, the first few hours are crucial to your post being seen and after that, the engagement dwindles.

8. Blogs Help Build Your Online Brand And Business

Building a brand online needs one important thing, an audience. This applies to bloggers, influencers and all businesses. If you want to be noticed in your industry, having a recognisable brand will put you streets ahead of your competitors. Having a blog is perfect for advertising your products or services and helps your audience get a feel for what you are really about.

9. It Makes You More Credible

Amongst the millions of large Instagram accounts, how many of them actually have a successful blog? A blog is a great way to show your knowledge and expertise on a subject and put you in front of an audience that you won’t find on Instagram or other social media apps.

10. It Teaches You To Be Self-Motivated And Become Your Own Boss

I have never worked as hard as I have since becoming a blogger! I take great pride in my blog and can spend anything from 6 to 15 hours writing, editing and publishing a blog.



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Melanie Boyden

Melanie Boyden

I help bloggers & small business owners build a profitable brand by mastering Blogging, Pinterest, Instagram & TikTok. I like coffee & cake