10 Ways to Find Trending Reel Audio for Instagram

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One of my most recent Reels using a trending sound. It was a slow burner but is now getting lots of views

Look for the arrow

The quickest and easiest way to find a trending Reel audio? Look for the arrow! At the bottom of a Reel, if there is a little arrow next to the song, it means that this reel audio is currently trending. If I see an audio I like, I always save it.

Scroll the Reels tab

This is probably the method I use the most. I actually don’t go on the Reel tab a lot; I am an old school Instagrammer and still prefer the main feed.

Tap on “see more” in Audio

Have you created your Reel and still don’t know what music to use? If you upload your video in Reels and tap on reels audio, you will find “see more” in the top right-hand corner. This is what Instagram is recommending to you and normally means it’s a trending reel audio.

Check Instagram stories

Equally, you can find out what music is trending in your stories. This is one of the quickest ways to see what songs are popular at the moment and can be used in your Reels.

Explore page

Instagram will boost popular Reels onto the Explore page and will also recommend reels that are relative to your content.

Check other big accounts that are relative to your niche

The big accounts are big for a reason. They are quick to jump on trends, or are the trend setters themselves!

Check out @creators Trend report

Instagram's very own creators account, @creators, release trend reports on their Instagram account every week. The report includes trending reel audio, sounds, music and hashtags.

Check TikTok

Either you’re already all over TikTok or I can hear a collective groan. Most of the trending Reels on Instagram started over on TikTok, so if you find a trending song on TikTok, perhaps try and use it in a Reel.

Check New Music on TikTok

I often use music from the New Music section on TikTok as this is more than likely to go viral if TikTok is recommending it.

Use apps like Tokboard

Apps and websites, like tokboard.com, list all the current trending sounds and songs which is a really quick way to find music for your Reels.



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