Are You Using Google Search Console? It’s a Full-on Game Changer

It was around where the arrow is pointing that I started to take SEO seriously.


I have to admit it, I do not enjoy social media as much as I used to. For the last 5 years I have been posting regularly to my Instagram account (I can’t believe in the beginning, I was posting up to twice a day, every day! Seriously, who has time for that?) and recently it has just felt like a chore. I still enjoy decorating and styling my home, but I no longer enjoy taking photos and trying to come up with Reels that will get no views, likes or comments.

In the last year or so, every time I have posted to Instagram, I have done it with bated breath as there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to what post will do well and what post will bomb like a rock into water.

For me, social media has all just become a bit boring, repetitive and highly competitive and I do not (or ever have) enjoy this side of it.

Are you using Google Search Console? You Should!

So SEO….

I started listening to some Podcasts over the weekend and getting some really good information and advice about how to take my SEO to the next level. I have been reading all the information I can get my hands on and the one thing that has stuck out for me so far is Google Search Console.

No wonder my blogs weren’t coming up in Google search to begin with. No one was searching for what I was writing!

Again, I knew what keyword research was but I couldn’t be bothered to do it. My blog and Instagram were dawdling along, earning me enough money to pay myself a wage each month. But income from Instagram seems to be on a downward spiral at the moment, so I knew it was time to concentrate more on my blog.

  • I can see posts that have nearly made page 1 and who looks beyond page 1 on Google? By optimising these blog posts that have almost made the top spot, I can get more clicks.
  • Don’t forget the posts that are already doing well. How can I improve? Can I write about more subjects that are similar?
  • Keywords keywords! One thing I’ve found invaluable is finding keywords that I have ranked for in GSC, but I haven’t written a blog post for it. That’s the next 10 blog posts sorted…
  • Find your worst-performing posts and either improve or delete them if it isn’t worth saving.

I know I seriously need to make Google Search my no. 1 traffic driver so I am not relying on other sources to drive traffic to my blog.



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Melanie Boyden

Melanie Boyden

I help bloggers & small business owners build a profitable brand by mastering Blogging, Pinterest, Instagram & TikTok. I like coffee & cake