Goodbye Instagram Images, it was fun! Create Reels with Photos in 5 Easy Ways

Carousel post insights — just look at the non-followers!
The reach of a carousel post
Compare it to a Reel Post!
This photo repeatedly gets good engagement
This is the insights for this photo in Dec 21
And the same picture posted back in Sept 20

Create Instagram Reels Out Of Still Images

As I showed above, you don’t have to be all finger clicking, dancing and outfit changing to be successful at Instagram Reels. You can use still images to create a video. Most of my most successful Reels are still images, or a variation of it.

Create A Video Out Of Your Most Liked Images

Another really simple way to create viral Instagram Reels is to create a short video out of your favourite images. I use InShot to upload all my images and then select the duration for each image. Try to use a maximum of 5 to 7 images and try to keep it to under 8 seconds long.

Use The “Use Template” Feature On Instagram

Probably one of the most useful features Instagram has created to date, the “Use Template” feature is an amazing tool to quickly put together an Instagram Reel.

The template feature on Instagram has to be my favourite feature yet

Create A Video Directly In Instagram Reels

You can also make Reels directly in the app. Select the + sign from the top of your account and select Reel. In the bottom left-hand corner, select the square with the blue cross and then select your image.

Select Reel in the app
Upload the photo into the app and choose how long you want the photo to last for

Use A Third Party App To Create A Moving Image

Not all niches are made for video. What if you are a marketing expert? Or your account is about wellness and inspiring quotes? It is still easy to create videos with text as your main focus.

I love Canva and create a lot of my content in this app

Turn An Image Into A Video

If you still don’t want to have multiple images in one post, or want to keep it simple, how about using text over an image to create a video?

Create a video from a photo in InShot and save it to your phone
You can add text at different points along the video to make it appear like it’s moving and perhaps tell a story.



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