How to Start a Money Making Blog in 10 Easy Steps

I have never quite mastered the art of a sinkie

Where do you start?

It took me over a year to start mine as I found the whole thing extremely daunting and intimidating. There is a lot of free information out there to get you started but it was extremely overwhelming.

Start that money-making blog

I have broken it down into steps. You don’t have to follow them rigidly, but it will help you on your way to creating a money-making website!

Step 1 — Find your niche and research

You know what you want to write about, now you need to research your niche. Find and read as many blogs as you can that cover the same niche to get an idea on what people are writing about.

Step 2 — Niche it down

I say this often, but it is really important to concentrate on a niche within a niche.

Step 3 — Branding

The most important thing I can say about branding is do not spend too much time on it. It is important but you could become obsessed with it being perfect and spend weeks just trying to get the right colours for your brand (like me).

I procrastinated so long over my colour choices for

Step 4 — Create a domain name (URL)

If you already have an established social media account, you are probably already known by a name. Is this name available as a URL?

Step 5 — Hosting

You’ve got your name; you now need to host your website! You have 2 choices, you can either self-host or have a hosted blog. I’ll explain the difference –

Hosted Blog

A hosted website is one that exists on a website builder like Squarespace, Wix or These offer all-in-one website solutions that provide the hosting services for you and give you the tools and software to build your website.

Self-hosted is an example of a self-hosted website. It is an open-source software which means you can download it to your PC and then modify as you see fit. It is free software but you have to find a website host (like SiteGround which I use) to store all your website files on their domain and purchase your URL from a domain registrar.

Step 6 — Choose your blog theme

Depending on whether you decide to go with a blog that is hosted (like Squarespace or or you go for a self-hosted blog (like where you host the website separately, will depend on what themes you can use for your blog.

Step 7 — Fill out your static pages

Now your blog is up and running and you are happy with the design and theme, start adding your static pages. These include your about me, contact pages and privacy policy.

Step 8 — Create your menus

Again, depending on what type of theme you have gone for, the next step is to create your menus and Sidebar.

Step 9 — Sidebar

I would strongly suggest that you include a sidebar on your website.

Step 10 — Write that first blog post

And that’s it! You have your blog name and website up and running and ready to rule the world! Or at least tell the internet about your new kitchen extension…



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Melanie Boyden

Melanie Boyden

I help bloggers & small business owners build a profitable brand by mastering Blogging, Pinterest, Instagram & TikTok. I like coffee & cake