Let’s talk about TikTok. Why Should Content Creators and Writers Embrace It?

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If that isn’t reason enough, here are a few more…

TikTok is now the most downloaded social media app in the world and it won’t be long until it surpasses Instagram and YouTube as the most used. Forget long form and landscape video, I have already seen how TikTok videos are being used on YouTube as more people use TikTok.

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It’s Fun!

I love spending time on TikTok. It is fun, upbeat and often informative. I find Instagram can take itself too seriously, Twitter is just a hot mess of politics and people shouting at one another and Facebook lost its way a very long time ago.

Users tend to spend more time on TikTok than on any other app

Because the app is fun, users will spend more time on the app. This is great for anyone who wants to use the platform to create brand awareness, sell a product or just direct people to other social media sites.

More eyes on your content

I currently have 188,000 followers on Instagram and 35,000 on TikTok. Even though I have 5 x more followers on Instagram, my biggest number of views on a video to date is over 3 million and that video is on TikTok.

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Direct effect on your Social Media channels

As above, if one of your TikTok posts goes viral, you will notice a huge upsurge of followers and engagement on your other channels. This is especially true of Instagram as you can put a direct link to your Instagram account on TikTok.

It can have a huge impact on your sales

You may have heard the saying “TikTok made me buy it”. This is the power of TikTok. I am always seeing how small businesses have exploded because they put time and effort into creating for TikTok.

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Your posts can have a longer shelf life

When I publish a blog post, I upload a link to my Instagram stories and for the first few hours, I will get people clicking on the link. I also put a link in my Instagram bio but that’s about as much use as a chocolate fireguard.



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