My 10-Step Guide to Instagram Success and Sustainable Growth

1. Optimise Your Instagram Account

Brand identity is so important and often gets overlooked on Instagram. This is where your bio can help. Make sure your username really reflects what you are about and try to keep symbols or underlines to a minimum, to help keep your name search friendly.

2. Instagram Content Strategy

OK, this sounds like it’s all getting a bit serious from the off, but bear with me. As you probably know, you can’t just post a photo or Reel and watch the new followers and likes come in, you have to know what you’re about because if you don’t know, how are your new potential followers going to know?

3. Instagram Aesthetics

Carrying on from content strategy is aesthetics, the two go hand in hand. When planning out your content, have a really good look at the aesthetics of your feed, it is absolutely key! People are busy and you’ve probably only got about 3 seconds to convince them when they look at your feed whether they want to follow you or not.

4. Instagram Reels

Probably the most important element of Instagram now is Reels. We’ve all moaned about it, we’ve all had to become videographers and learn how to edit and use trending music, but we’re not all happy about it! As Instagram desperately tries to keep it users and not lose them all to TikTok, Reels is not only here to stay, but instrumental to Instagram.

  • Try to keep the majority of your Reels short and snappy as this encourages repeat views and will see your view counter go up faster
  • Use on-screen text where applicable
  • Use keywords and hashtags in your captions
  • Create your video with the Reels function (and never use a video from another social media site as this will include their watermark)
  • Try to add How-Tos or reveals in your Reels making them informative

5. Consistency

This is the biggy! So many people fall into the trap of being disheartened when their posts aren’t doing very well and post less because they don’t see the point. Then, when they decide to give it another go and start posting again, their posts tank.

6. Create Engaging Captions

Be engaging in your Captions. Give people something to talk about, or a call to action. Your beautiful photos and Reels have drawn people to your feed, it’s your captions that will keep people coming back.

7. Hashtags

Which leads me onto hashtags! Are hashtags still relevant? Absolutely!! Hashtags are still as important now as they have ever been and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Don’t listen to anyone who says “the rumour is hashtags are dead”. No, they’re not. There is no rumour and it’s just clickbait. Unless you are Kim Kardashian and can post a picture of you drinking a cocktail on holiday with no hashtags and 2 million likes, you have to use them and all 30! They are still one of the best ways to get discovered by new followers on Instagram.

8. Build A Community

Your audience is your community and they will be the ones that will keep coming back to comment and like your posts. Make sure that you are producing content that connects with your audience and adds value. Stay authentic and try not to become something you are not.

9. Stories

Which leads me nicely onto stories! I was a bit of a late bloomer when it came to stories, I didn’t really enjoy doing them. Neither did I watch many stories of my followers as I was mainly interested in their homes and décor.

10. Use Other Platforms

Oh, I know! You’re trying to find your feet on Instagram and now I’m telling you to also create content for other platforms? It is quite easy to get social media fatigue, but this is where a content strategy comes in handy.

But, Above It All, You Have To Enjoy It!

Yep, it’s really that simple. How are you going to continuously create content, stories, videos and engage with other accounts if you find it all such a bore and time consuming?



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Melanie Boyden

Melanie Boyden

I help bloggers & small business owners build a profitable brand by mastering Blogging, Pinterest, Instagram & TikTok. I like coffee & cake